BoaVentura de Caires Winery

Brett and Monique Caires purchased five acres (2 ha) in the southeastern part of Livermore in 1999, which was once part of the massive Concannon family ranch. The vineyard sits on a sunny ridge, and despite its small size enjoys a range of microclimates and geological diversity. 

Concannon Vineyards

Established by James Concannon in 1883. Concannon immediately perceived the potential in Livermore’s gravelly soils, and chose Livermore over Napa as a place to make Bordeaux-style wines. He planted vine cuttings from Château Margaux, which were later revived by his grandson, Jim Concannon; this “Concannon Clone” of Cabernet Sauvignon is today planted throughout California. 

Cresta Blanca Winery

The Cresta Blanca vineyard was first planted in 1880 by Charles Wetmore, a journalist and also the Secretary of California’s viticultural commission. Named for the striking limestone cliffs of Livermore, the vineyard was planted below the cliffs with Sauvignon Blanc cuttings from Château d’Yquem. 

Fenestra Winery

Established in 1976, Fenestra occupies an historic winery which dates back to 1889. Fenestra is family-owned and is considered Livermore’s first boutique winery. 

Murrieta’s Well

Louis Mel first planted vines at the property in 1884, and he continued to grow grapes all through Prohibition, eventually selling the land to Carl Wente’s son, Ernest, in 1940. In 1990 the current winery was founded, a collaboration between Philip Wente and Sergio Traverso.

Steven Kent Winery

Sixth generation winemaker Steven Kent Mirrasou owns and operates this winery, which is known for its Bordeaux varieties. The Lineage label, launched in 2007, set a new standard for Livermore, and remains among the most expensive wines of the area. 

Wente Vineyards

One of the first wineries in Livermore, Wente was established in 1883 by Carl H. Wente. In 1912 Carl’s son, Ernest, convinced his father to bring Chardonnay cuttings from Montpellier in France; the resulting wines were the first varietally labeled Chardonnay in California, and are now known as the popular “Wente Clone.”  

Wood Family Vineyards

The winery was several years in the making. Rhonda and Michael Wood experimented with vineyards in Fremont before discovering Crane Ridge Vineyards in Livermore. They bought the property, Rhonda took over as winemaker, and Wood Family Vineyards, a small, family-run boutique winery, was formed.