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    Acreage Under Vine (Acres)
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Key Varieties
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah
Warm-summer Mediterranean, Winkler Region I
Key Soil Types
Franciscan Complex-derived sedimentary with thin, well-draining topsoil


The Pacific Ocean adjacent to Northern California is cold year-round and often very foggy. So too the land nearest the ocean. It’s so cold, in fact, that vineyards close to the shore need to be at high altitude, so as to be above the fog and low-lying clouds. Otherwise, attaining ripeness in the vineyard might be impossible.

Just a few miles inland from the ocean lies the Coastal Mountain Range. Those mountains substantially isolate areas further east from frigid ocean influences. The climate is warmer and that gives the grapes, and the wine they produce, a different, and often riper, character. 

The Sonoma Coast AVA includes both areas. The West Sonoma Coast AVA includes only the coolest zones.