Benchmark Wineries

Joseph Filippi Winery

This winery, which has been making wine in the area for 90 years, was responsible for filing the petition to create a Cucamonga Valley AVA. They began growing grapes there in 1922 and, more recently, have also revitalized other historic properties. 

Galleano Winery

The Galleano family purchased land in Cucamonga Valley in 1927 and soon after began winegrowing and production. Though their winery is just outside the AVA in Riverside County, they were signatories of the AVA petition. Galleano claims to be “the last remaining bonded, Prohibition-era winery still owned and operated by its founding family in its original location.” 

Rancho de Philo Winery 

Established in 1974, Rancho de Philo makes just one wine. They produce a “Spanish-style triple cream Sherry” made from Mission grapes using a solera system of 190-liter (50-gallon) oak barrels. The wine sells out quickly upon release each year.