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A Comprehensive Study of California Wine

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The program offers four levels of study, from novice to expert. Each builds on the level prior, and covers history, lore, geography, climate, soils, grapes, viticulture, vinification, aging and maturation, wine laws, official classifications, producers, vintages and the business of wine.

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Learn about California Winegrape Varieties

Your go-to destination for information on California’s many grape varieties, how and where they are grown, what happens at the winery, and what to expect from the finished wines.

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Explore California Wine Regions

There are 149 American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in California. Here is where you will find information on regional history, geography, climate, soil, signature wines, benchmark wineries, maps and statistics.

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Find California Education Wine Resources

In addition to education guides and classes, we offer an array of free, downloadable resources to assist in your California wine journey. These include maps, tasting sheets, tasting mats and much more.


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